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Forest tree

Tree lentil pendant

A tree in flower decorates this handmade glass and fine silver pendant. A handwoven kumihimo cord complements the piece perfectly.

Inspired by the Sycamore seeds outside my office, this necklace is fashioned from bronze and strung on green leather thong

Sycamore seeds

Sycamore seed necklace

Blackberry bronze

Blackberry collar and earrings

Lampworked glass Blackberries combine with bronze in this necklace and earring set which reminds me of happy times gathering berries in the Autumn.

Seaglass and pebbles

Seaglass and silver

Since I was a child going to the beach held the excitement of searching for those little jewels of glass, polished by the sea. These bracelets use lampworked beads, etched and tumbled to mimic the seaglass and pebbles. Combined with fine silver shells they really capture my view of the beach.

Blue seaglass


Green seaglass




Made for someone who loves Dicentra (also known as Bleeding Hearts) these lampworked glass flowers and leaves are strung on green linen cord. 

Amare Argentum fine silver jewellery and lampworked beads                                                     amanda@amareargentum.co.uk